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East Coast Ballet’s objective is to build skillful, well-rounded dancers, who truly master the language and art of dance, developing great confidence and abilities that will last a lifetime.  Beyond the classroom, ECB dancers are given the opportunity to perform in various professional venues including theaters, churches, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, festivals, community centers, and schools. 

Students may or may not choose dance as a career, nevertheless, they will develop many wonderful benefits from attending East Coast Ballet’s school. They will gain confidence, endurance, self-control, decorum, artistry, physical dexterity, strength, agility, character, and an appreciation for the arts, which they will foster throughout their lives.




School Year: August - Mid June

Summer: June & August

Families entering ECB’s dance programs commit to each training session. Their commitment allows ECB to offer the best schedule with highly talented, qualified instruction and staff.


New enrollment is accepted year-around.  Enrollment is based on availability. 

Placement is evaluated by attending a class & an interview.  Age and ability are both considered.


ECB communication is through email, our call board posted in our lobby, in the classroom, on the Event Calendar page of the website, and through two face book pages:

East Coast Ballet Company (Professional artists page) and East Coast Ballet School (ECB student page).


Registration Fee:

School Year Session: $75 per student (August-March) / Late enrollment $50 (April-1/2 June)

Summer Session: Non-ECB students $50.  Current ECB students $25.

Tuition Deposit: Applies toward tuition and will be deducted from the last months of the session. 

Returning students: $300

New students: $150



ECB Enrollment is a simple one step process by clicking the “Register” link on the ECB School Page of the website. Upon enrollment, families will be authorizing East Coast Ballet, Inc. to initiate electronic payments for the balances due on their ECB account. Monthly tuition is automatically processed on the first of the month. This authorization will remain in effect for the enrolled season or until notifying the office in writing that the authorization should be terminated. All payments are non-refundable. Future payments will be cancelled with a 30 day written notice. Any time a payment is processed an e-mail notification will be sent.  The registration fee will need to be paid at time of enrollment to guarantee placement.  

East Coast Ballet offers three options for payment:

1) Electronic Check Payment (ACH) for tuition auto-monthly payment. (No transaction fee).

  1. 2)Credit/Debit Card Payment (CC) for tuition auto-monthly payment.  A 3% transaction fee applies for CC tuition billing each month. CC transaction fees will NOT apply on snacks and merchandise.

  2. 3)Payments brought into the office are allowed; however ACH or CC must be set up on file.  If tuition is paid before the first, the account will NOT be automatically charged.

If payment fails and/or ten days late, $15 fee(s) will be applied to the account and continue every ten days until the payment is made. If account balance remains overdue, enrollment in classes will be cancelled.


Register on line for a single class:

Trial classes: $20 each

Summer audition classes: $25 pre-register / $35 day of audition  


A 5% discount is applied to paying in full, siblings, active military, senior citizens.  (Not to be combined.)


The first month of joining may be pro-rated or missed classes can be made up.  Make ups allow a dancer to try other techniques they might be interested.  ECB does not give credits and/or refunds for missed classes due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, injury, etc.  Classes may be made up within the session registered.  If a dancer is injured or not contagious, we encourage attendance. A place in the classroom will be provided to learn by observing. It is very important for students to be on-time to each class, rehearsal, and performance to ensure the safety of the performers and integrity of the show. Parts are based on attendance and ability. Tardiness or missed classes could result in casting adjustments. . 


Students may be dropped off 15 minutes prior to their class, rehearsal, or performance start time. Any drop-off prior to 15 minutes in advance need to be arranged with the ECB office. If a child is left in the lobby after the designated class, rehearsal, or performance time a $25 fee will be charged for every 15 minutes late. A summary of the fees incurred will be processed with the monthly tuition.


It is the sole responsibility of each parent or guardian to watch and attend to their children outside the studio classroom, including the lobby area, sidewalks, parking lot, etc.


Application and auditions are available for financial or talent-merit scholarships. Work scholarships are reserved for those who are applying for financial scholarships. All scholarship students are expected to attend their classes.  If attendance is lacking, the school has the right to reconsider the scholarship. Performance related fees, registration fees, and store purchases are not included in scholarships.


Weekly private lesson pricing: Monthly tuition charge is based on the amount of privates in the month. If a dancer cannot make their private lesson, the lesson may be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice.

Weekly Private = $75 per hour /  $60 per 3/4 hour / $40 half hour / $20 quarter hour

Weekly Semi Private 2-3 students = $50 ea per hour / $40 ea per 3/4 hour / $35 ea per half hour / $15 ea per 1/4

Choreographed piece prior to a private lesson = Each instructor will charge a fee to choreograph a piece for the private lesson.

Single private lesson pricing: Tuition is processed at the time of scheduling each private,

Private = $100 per hour /  $80 per 3/4 hour / $60 half hour / $40 quarter hour

Semi Private 2-3 students = $75 ea per hour / $60 ea per 3/4 hour / $40 ea per half hour / $20 ea per 1/4


East Coast Ballet honors the year of jubilee found in the Bible, by giving our students their consecutive 7th year in the pre-professional program FREE!  Primary A is the first level counting towards the Year of Jubilee.  The start of free tuition begins in the same month of joining Primary A or above levels. The monthly free tuition applies to the School Year Training Session. 

(Excluded: Summer Intensives, Registration Fee, Performance Fees, and Costume Rentals.



East Coast Ballet is a professional and pre-professional training institute. All choreography is taught in repertoire, variation classes, or extra rehearsals.  Ballet classes focus on technique.  Ballet students wishing to perform in a ballet/pointe piece must be enrolled in repertoire classes.  All other techniques will offer a time in class for performance preparation.  As a convenience to our families and as a commitment to professional dance, all performances are optional.  Full cast rehearsals are mandatory. Click on “calendar” for scheduled rehearsal and performance dates.  If a student must miss, private lessons may be considered.


ECB owns a large costume wardrobe and offers a rental program to students.  As dancers advance, the amount of performance pieces can rise to 7+ dances in a single performance.  Instead of purchasing costumes at $65+, our rental fee is $30 for each costume.  Performance fees are due 3 months prior to each performance and include a commemorative t-shirts.

Performance Fee:  $75

Rental Costume Fees will be calculated at casting: Costume Rentals = $30


ECB reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. All payments for performances, tuition, deposits, and registration are non-refundable once processed. Students agree to abide by the most recent version of the Policies & Terms of Use Agreement found on ECB’s website.



I recognize and understand the risk of physical injury inherent in dance and dance training, and I am willing to assume those risks.  Instruction of dance may require the teacher to have physical contact with the student during the class to correct body placement or in order to avoid injury.  I hereby release East Coast Ballet, Inc., and all their affiliated entities from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action for personal injury, property damage, and/or other loss suffered in connection with class, rehearsal, performance, and participation at either the facility of East Coast Ballet, Inc. or any other performance locations.  The student agrees to allow East Coast Ballet, Inc. unrestricted use of all photographs, videotape, and films by East Coast Ballet, Inc. for advertising and promotional purposes.  I understand that it is my responsibility to safeguard my personal property and realize it is not the responsibility of East Coast Ballet, Inc.  I understand the tuition rates for auto & non-auto pay, and I will comply with my chosen tuition rate plan. I have read East Coast Ballet’s policies, and I do agree to all conditions stated therein.

East Coast Ballet offers students additional training and performance opportunities throughout the year.  Dancers will be chosen from our Studio Company, which meets on Fridays. Locations include: New York City, Chicago, Orlando, and South East Regional Dance Festival, held in Alabama for 2018.  Trips are optional and designed for enhanced training, teacher/student mentoring, and the opportunity to perform with ECB’s professional artists. Costs are determined by length and location of destination.  Students share the costs of transportation, housing, and food.  See the pictures below from our trips, U.S. and abroad.